How to Access Securitas Epay System

Securitas is the leading security provider for online systems, and has developed a secure digital payroll system known as Securitas ePay. This Securitas ePay login guide will inform you on how to obtain your ePay PIN, how to access the Securitas site, and its key features. Having access to Securitas ePay is beneficial because of it gives you safe access to your digital pay stub information and direct deposit data. It’s important to keep track of your pay stubs and other financial information, and Securitas ensures that your documents will be safe from hackers. Fortunately, it’s quite simple once you get the right clearance.

Obtaining Your PIN and Starting Your Account

You can only log into your Securitas ePay account once you to obtain your personal PIN from your employer. Once you gain this information, simply follow these steps to access your account:

  • Go to the homepage.
  • Login to your account by entering your social security number.
  • Enter the default PIN which should be your date of birth by Month, day, then last two digits of your year.
  • Change your PIN when prompted with 6 to 8 new numbers.

Options Available You Once You Have Logged In

Successfully logging into your personal Securitas ePay account grants you access to the site’s features. The following options are available to you once you have accessed your account:


  • Pay-stub overview
  • Income verification.
  • Update personal information.

If this is your first time accessing your account, you may want to update your personal contact information. This will come in handy in case you ever forget your password, or change employers in the future. To do this, use the main menu to navigate to your personal information, and enter your phone and email. You will also need to update this information if either of these change in the future.

Pay-stub overview will allow you to access all of your past direct deposits and pay-stubs. This will give you the data on all of your past payment history, hours worked, and deductions. Simply hover your curser over this information to review it more closely. This can be important information for your personal records, and Securitas ePay keeps this data private. Finally, select the income verification option if you are waiting on your next direct deposit or digital pay stub. This feature operates in real time, and will inform you of any changes to your account.

Securitas ePay Is Dedicated To Keeping Your Financial Data Safe

Your financial and employee information will always be safe under Securitas ePay’s online system. Its digital payroll system is designed to manage your pay stubs and direct deposits statements, which helps you save time in your busy schedule. To take advantage of Securitas global security services, remember to speak to your employer to learn more abut your login information, and get started as soon as you can.